The Minister of Palestinian Water Authority Eng Mazen Ghanim, visited Siksik Company

Tuesday 12, December 2017

Today, Monday, the Minister of Palestinian Water Authority Eng Mazen Ghanim, visited Siksik Company and its biggest factory in Palestine to view the company development over the past long years.

The delegation included the Minister Eng. Ghanim, the Vice President of Water Authority Eng. Rebhey El-Sheikh, General Director of Finance and Administration Mr. Mahmoud Mezher, the General Dirictor of Water Resources Mr. Deeb Abed El-Ghafour, the General Dirictor of Water Authority Proects Mr. Saadi Ali, Sales Maneger Mr. Zeyad Karaz, the Dirictor of Austrian Project Mr.Marwan El –Bardweel, and the Administrator of Media Mr. Ahmed Dalol.

The General Administrator Mr. Naeem Sisik and crew of engineers greeted the Minister and his accompanying delegation. Then he was briefed of the company achievements in serving citizens.  Siksik Company considered as one of the most important local companies in Palestine

The Minister Mr. Ghanim viewed the company great achievements in Palestinian local market.  These achievements crown by building the biggest factory for plastic pipes with diameters reached to 800mm and Siksik white tanks that manufacture with high quality raw materials. Moreover the company produces plastic parts and joints.

The minister Mr. Ghanim expressed his happiness of the company and its role in meeting citizens' needs and producing material with international qualities. Moreover he appreciated the products quality praising the company and its crew.

On the other hand, Mr. Naim  Sisik pointed to the challenges that the company faced during the past year among the hard economic conditions which Gaza stipe going through. He also indicated that the company administration succeeded in controlling and overcoming these challenges and provide the best serves for people.

He mentioned that the company was able to have control over a large part of the local Palestinian market challenging a lot of economic and political obstacles to become the biggest company in its domain in Gaza strip.

It is known that the company has a library to test the products and the quality and it has 9 product lines inside it. Also it has 400 employees and works at over 6000 types. Moreover it import products from over 200 resources around the world and it has 4 branches spread in Gaza Strip.

The company was able during 43 years to save the quality of what it provides of product and serves through its continues developing of its human sources, its administration and fund systems, and the system of quality control too.