Siksik co. participates in an environmental show by Environmental Quality Authority.

Tuesday 23, January 2018

The company participated in an environmental show ( seeking to improve  the concept of permanent production and consuming). The show was introduced by the Environmental Quality Authority headed by Eng. Adala Al-Ateera, the head of the Environmental Quality Authority.

The participation of the company was  a kind of achieving the social collaboration with the several parts of the society and the need of producing  and importing different products of high quality and environmental friendly. This can lead to achieve the principle of sustainability as part of its concern for natural resources such as clean energy and water .

Siksik co. offered  its products to the audience starting  by showing  Siksik solar heater which saves energy and works either by electricity or by sun.  Then the co. showed  Siksik tanks  produced inside the co. factory  which are distinguished by three layers technology  and made by global, environmental friendly and raw materials that was accredited  by FAD.