Bashir Siksik & Co. has always desired to develop its work in order to support the national industries and to achieve consumer satisfaction; In 2005, the company initiated the opening of its factory which produces all kinds of water and sanitation plastic pipes, by following the latest techniques used in the pipes manufacturing standards to meet more than 70% of the needs of the Gaza Strip local market. The factory is the first of its kind and the largest in Palestine and the region; it is featured by the technological development of its tools and production lines which are manufactured according to the latest international standards.


In order to achieve the most precise quality specifications of our products, each workstation in the factory subjects to an intensive control by the factory's laboratory of the quality control, the lab employs a distinctive and strong-experienced working group for the implementation of the quality control systems. The group is equipped with several inspection tools, which are imported from a well-known specialized Danish company that holds a global patent of invention in the development of the pipes manufacturing inspection tools.


The high expertise of the company's staff and the good organization of transport vehicles and stores, in addition to the electronic computing for data, give us the ability to effectively speed up the processing and delivering of orders to the customers in a timely manner.

Our products:

The production process is controlled via computerized systems by specialized engineers, who are trained to insure that the products are meeting the technical specifications of ring stiffness, internal pressure, tension and compression resistance and the crash worthiness.


            PVC-U pipes.

  • PVC-U pipes for connecting the drinking water and agricultural irrigation.
  • PVC-U pipes for disposing sewage and sanitary wastes underground.
  • PVC-U pipes for the containment of electricity and telecommunications cables underground.


            PE pipes.

  •  Connections of drinking water (Pressure).
  • Agriculture and Irrigation water extensions.
  • Connections of wastewater.
  • Industrial uses.Connections of fuel (gas, diesel, etc....) *special specification


PP pipes.


  • Plumbing indoors (cold and hot waste water).
  • Gutters and rains disposal.
  • Vents .

            PPR pipes.


  • Connections of the cold and hot water systems.
  • Connections of the central heating.
  • Connections of the production lines in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and refrigeration units in hospitals and laboratories.


Quality Systems:


The factory seeks to create a model of a Palestinian industry that can reflect the extent of the Palestinian ability to compete, and to enter the local markets through gaining the Palestinian Quality Mark (PSM), in addition to many future plans of the factory to export and to enter global markets, also to have the international quality mark (ISO) in order to cope the highest levels of the quality.


The quality management is characterized by the presence of engineering and technical specialist staff; in addition to the quality manager who performs the process of the daily follow-up with the engineering crew and the preparation of technical reports for evaluation and development.