The Warehouse forms the heart of Bashir Siksik Co. business and operations. It is the one point shop that keeps the supply mechanism running.


The Warehouse department is divided into the following functions: 

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Order Processing
  •  Dispatch



The Receiving Section is the area where all supplies that are either imported or locally produced are received. It is the Receiving function that ensures that all goods are checked for correct description, quantity, and expiry dates. In short, it ensures that the products are correctly labeled. In addition, the receiving function ensures that all products received are sent for quality assurance before storing them in respective storage function.



The storage function ensures that all products that pass the quality control procedures are moved to various sheds for safe keeping and storage ready for distribution to customers and retail centers.


Order Processing:

Sales departments submit orders requesting for stock from Bashir Siksik & Co. warehouses. These orders are scrutinized by a computer-aid inventory system to ascertain the availability of the products ordered. The pick list is generated in the order processing office which is used by one of the workers to pick up the itemsAs soon as the items are picked, they are checked by one of the senior workers to ascertain that items are picked according to what has been ordered. Once this process is completed the goods are packed and moved to the dispatch area to be distributed.



Once the items are picked and moved to the dispatch area, they are sorted out according to the destination for onward delivery by the transport and distribution functions.

The dispatch function issues goods received certificate that is used by the driver to ensure that the recipient confirms having received the stock.