Bashir Siksik & Co. is the largest plumbing and infrastructure company in Gaza Strip; it was founded by Mr. Bashir Siksik in 1974. The company gained a strong reputation from many years of technical experience, the commitment in supplying plumbing and infrastructure goods to the local market, and the establishment of its factory in 2005, which is the largest and the first of its kind in Palestine, the factory produces different products of a high quality water and sewage pipes according to the international manufacturing standards. This eminent success is integrated by the hard work of more than 400 employees working at several departments of the company.
Over the 44 years of work, the company was fit to keep the quality of its products and services in the best levels by insisting for the continuous improvement of the human resources and the managerial and financial working systems, also the undertaken quality assurance system.
The company efficiently hauled a large share of the local Palestinian market in defiance of a lot of hard circumstances and economic and political obstacles, so, here is now, it is the largest company in the field of plumbing and infrastructure in Gaza Strip.
Our Vision:
To be the fastest-growing and the pioneer Palestinian company in the field of trade and manufacturing that introduces products and services according to international quality standards.
Our Message:
Upgrading the technical services level and the specialized human resources of the local plumbing and infrastructure field by transmitting the contemporary international techniques to the Palestinian local market.
Our Goals:
- The improvement of the industrial production level by keeping up with the international latest techniques.
- Installing new production lines to cover the whole needs of the plumbing and infrastructure market.
- Opening new cooperation outlook with global specialized companies in the field of plumbing and infrastructure manufacturing.
- Contributing in the development of the Palestinian economy by supporting the whole technical and managerial needed elements for the trading and manufacturing of plumbing and infrastructure materials.
- Rehabilitation and development of the company's manpower to cope the work requirements by fitting them to the latest international manufacturing techniques and standards.
- Committing the best levels of customer services to gain their full satisfaction.
- Adopting  the social responsibilities towards the Palestinian society by introducing services and development plans.
Why Us?
- International manufacturing standards.
- Large distribution network.
- Competitive prices.
- Commitment to customer satisfaction.
- Meeting the customer needs.
Our Values:
- The full understanding of customers.
- Commitment to excellence.
- Keeping the best performance.
- Innovation and creativity.

- Employees loyalty
- High credibility.